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Lorenzo M. Gutiérrez

      Lolo for short

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Sound Designer

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Romance... and Horror


31 days      31 styles


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About Me

About Me

I'm Lorenzo Martín Gutiérrez AKA Lolo

I'm a videogame music composer and sound designer based in Argentina.

I've always felt a passion for videogames, I've been playing them all my life and when I discovered my passion for music I knew what I wanted to do.

With a versatile musical background and expertise in various instruments, including accordion, guitar (acoustic, classical, and electric), bass, piano, and synthesizers. I bring a rich blend of melodies, harmonies and textures to my compositions.

Encompassing a wide range of genres from electronic music to tango, also including rock, funk, pop, folk, classical, jazz, chiptune and more. This diverse palette allows me to infuse my compositions with a sense of exploration and experimentation, blending their elements to create compositions that are refreshingly distinctive and unique.

I believe that music should serve the gameplay.

My objective is to immerse players in the game by creating soundtracks that perfectly complement the gameplay dynamics.

My aspiration is for players to fondly recall the moments and emotions they experienced long after completing the game by simply listening to the soundtrack.

I  also understand that each project has its own requirements and while some games may thrive with rich music, others prioritize immersive soundscapes.

With my sound design skills, I can bring games to life by creating captivating and rich sounds that fit the mood and gameplay perfectly.

Moreover, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm for video game audio. I have been actively involved in delivering free and open talks for the Video Game Developers Community.

Together, let's bring your game to life through vivid audio that resonates with players and elevates their gaming experience to new levels.

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Skills & Knowledge

Music Genres

I can identify what makes a genre of music distinguishable and blend those elements into my own compositions, resulting in music of any genre with my own personal touch.


I play many instruments; guitar and electric guitar, bass, accordion, synthesizers and piano being some of them.

Sound Effects

I create sound effects that fit the game's atmosphere, while enhancing gameplay and heighten emotional impact.

Mixing & Mastering

I know how to mix music to highlight all of its strengths and I can polish the whole piece through mastering once the mixing is done.

Audio Middleware Software: FMOD Studio & Wwise

I can work with either one, Wwise or FMOD Studio, to integrate sound effects into the game and make an interactive and dynamic soundtrack, making for the most immersive audio experience a game can have.

Algorithms and Problem Solving

I can apply my problem-solving skills and knowledge of algorithms to solve any problems that an idea for the audio of the game may propose. These skills are very useful when using Audio Middleware Software.


I have played through a great deal of games throughout my life, I can use this experience to get ideas from, be it music, sound effects or an interactive music idea. I can provide examples of ideas that worked on previous games and expand on top of them.

Making Games

I also know about each step of making a game, from Development to Publishing and I know that making games is all about teamwork, combined effort and communication.

Contact Me

Discord Tag: lolomg

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