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Zip file containing PDF with detailed Sheet Music, MP4 Scrolling Video to play along, MuseScore 4 file.


This is an accordion arrangement of the Great Fairy Fountain Theme from The Legend of Zelda Series.
Starts as a beginner-friendly adaptation and progresses in difficulty, first introducing an arpeggio on the keyboard that accompanies the melody. Then a version with extended versions of the original chords that take full advantage of the Stradella Bass by splitting the chords into two triads and playing them on different rhythms of a triplet. The final version is an adaptation of the Breath of the Wild version that has a polyrhythmic element between the right hand (playing 16ths) and the left hand (playing quarter note triplets). A very good piece from which beginners and advanced players may learn new techniques such as juggling a legato melody and staccato arpeggios on the keyboard, splitting a maj9 and other extended chords into triads, playing a polyrhythm between both sides of the accordion-

Fairy Fountain (Accordion) Sheet Music

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